Workspace Partnerships Associate

Full Time Remote Deskpass

At Deskpass we believe where you work impacts how you work. The right space has the power to help people work more efficiently, effectively, happily.

We’re on a mission to power productivity by connecting your employees to work spaces tailored to their needs.

Core Values
Our company core values guide our hiring, company culture, internal and external communication, prioritization of tasks, design and development, decision-making, and more.

We look for people who embody these values and are passionate about delivering an exceptional experience to everyone we interact with.

  • Customers First: Through exceptional customer service, intuitive design, and seamless technology-enabled access, we aim to delight our members and deliver an easy and efficient experience every time they use Deskpass.
  • Building the future work environment: We’re helping build the future of real estate. Our team embraces new ideas, new tools, and new technology. We believe in an evolved future that is different but will also feel familiar due to our human-centered design.
  • Grounded & Pragmatic: We take a practical approach to implementing our vision, solving problems, and serving our users with products that address their needs simply and efficiently.
  • Great at work, Remarkable at Teamwork: Our team is high performing. We interact effectively, transparently, honestly, timely, and in support of each other with thoughtful and smart communication.

The Role
Our Workspace Partnerships Associate will grow the Deskpass network through a process of:

  • Researching workspaces in new markets
  • Sending personalized, thoughtful outreach to workspaces
  • Clearly communicating the opportunity and value of partnership with Deskpass
  • Guiding spaces through the online setup process (onboarding)
  • Review of space profiles for spelling, grammar, and overall appeal prior to activation

Given the continual communication with new partner spaces, this person will be responsible for providing insight to the Deskpass team on questions asked by workspaces, issues that arise during the outreach or onboarding process, and suggestions that would improve the process overall.

An ideal candidate for this role would be:

  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • With excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Comfortable having phone or video calls with workspaces, answering a variety of questions, and able to customize responses by keeping the space’s needs and perspective in mind first
  • Able to set quarterly and annual goals and meet them continually, knowing it takes consistency and planning to achieve larger goals
  • Have previous experience in the coworking industry
  • Proactive in sharing their feedback and experiences with the Deskpass team, while able to give suggestions or come up with new ideas to resolve an issue or improve the experience for partner spaces
  • Content with performing a repeating process with slight variations, and excited by the progress that comes with the accumulation of many small win

Advancement Opportunities
The Deskpass team is in growth mode, and there will continue to be new opportunities available within the company as Deskpass expands to new cities and countries. Deskpass is a team of high-performing, proactive, and forward-thinking individuals. Teammates who are passionate about their work and consistently excellent in what they do, will always be considered for advancement opportunities first.

The Workspace Partnerships Associate is considered an early-intermediate role.

A candidate must have the following professional experiences prior to applying:

  • Previously worked for a coworking space, or, have been closely involved with the daily operations of a coworking space.
  • At least 1-2 years professional experience in one of the following fields: operations, administration, community management, or other highly-communicative, process-oriented, and growth-focused fields.
  • An understanding of good customer relationship principles. Experience with Pipedrive, Intercom, Autopilot or other CRM applications is a plus.
  • Comfortable with remote-team communication and software such as Slack and G Suite applications. Experience with Notion is a plus.

Required Skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Attention to detail: able to spot spelling or grammar errors in long text, or notice when software is not working the way it should.
  • Research and review of existing workspaces, and creating customized outreach based on each space’s unique offerings, focus, or company background as needed.
  • Perform repetitive tasks without a decrease in performance or motivation such as providing profile setup instructions, answering commonly asked questions, reviewing partner space profiles, and updating CRM notes.
  • Being helpful by proactively providing additional information, so spaces and teammates understand the bigger picture and can do more on their own
  • Plan, launch, and manage multiple long-term projects at the same time.
  • Start, maintain, and grow professional relationships.
  • Extremely self-sufficient and tracks use of time to monitor and improve performance.
  • Takes pride in work, and feels purposeful when productive, efficient, and effective.
  • Enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful demeanor.
  • A good sense of humor is always appreciated.

Additional Requirements

  • Ability to work independently yet fully-engaged and available during all business hours.
  • Ability to work from coworking spaces via Deskpass at least 2 days per week, if available.

Location & Availability
Although this role is remote, it is required to be fully available during business hours. It is also expected that the Workspace Partnerships Associate uses Deskpass at 2 days per week, when in a city in which Deskpass operates.

Communication will be through online channels (Slack or otherwise) as well as voice communication as needed (Skype/phone/Google Hangout/etc.). Daily check-ins are expected, with frequency, duration and time varying based on current workload and project deadlines.

This role will report to the Workspace Partnerships Manager.

How To Apply
Does this position sound like a good fit? Send your cover letter and resume to:

Please use the subject line: Workspace Partnerships Associate Job Posting (it’ll help us to sort through the emails).

To apply for this job email your details to