Erwin Wysocki

Erwin Wysocki

My CV details over 3 years of my experience but what you will not see on that resume are my strong passion towards marketing, video games, and electronic sport.

My Football Business & Marketing studies have let me see the world through the marketing lens: whenever I do see any product or a service, I see the huge potential and marketing possibilities. Throughout the days when I was involved in eSport I was co-founder of gaming organisation “Rewind Gaming”, we were participants of two LAN Events;
-SGH Gamefestival 2011 Warsaw (3rd Place)
-Cybergamer 2011 Wroclaw (1st Place)

During the event in Warsaw, we managed to secure a partnership with German MyRevenge and our players played on their behalf.

I am involved in two outside-the-box projects:
-GameSocial+ as a co-founder tackling CMO’s responsibilities
-Match-Me-Now! as founder and UX designer (Nominated to the finals of Entrepreneur Award 2017 at University College of Football Business)

Content that I have made can be seen on social media channels listed below:
– 1st March 2017 – 30th June 2017
– 1st June 2017 – 6th September 2017
– 1st June 2017 – 6th September 2017
– 6th August 2016 – 30th October 2016
– 6th August 2016 – 30th October 2016

I came to the United Kingdom to get a marketing degree after two years of experience in this industry in Poland. Here in The United Kingdom, I am studying Football Business & Marketing (UCFB), where I am allowed to work full-time so feel free to contact me!


  • Data Analysis
  • Digital marketing
  • eSport
  • Football
  • Marketing


Sept. 2015 - May 2018

BA (Hons) at University College of Football Busines


August 2017 - Present

Freelance Marketing Consultant at Freelancer

-Marketing project management
-PPC, Google AdWords
-Customer Acquisition
-Strategy planning

  • Marketing
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