Virginie Glaenzer

Virginie Glaenzer


Digital marketer and growth hacker

New york city




SoHo Places

Founder & Responsible for Customer Experience


SoHo Places, 435 Broome street, a new space in the trendy SoHo neighborhood of New York City to accommodate some of the more than 1.3 million freelancers in the city and the increasing demand for affordable meeting space. A private and aesthetically pleasing modular work space for a new meeting experience that offers high-speed Internet, onsite concierge service, and complimentary high-end coffee. Other amenities include SoHo Booking — a Facebook Messenger bot — to reserve a seat by date, time and duration, and digital currency payment options using Bitcoin.


·       Self-funded, designed and launched new 2,600 sq co-working space concept in NYC with various partners.

·       Sales: acquired paying 200 customers and built a community of 1,000 freelancers.

·       Technology: proprietary Messenger Chat bot

·       Brand: responsive website and brand strategy

·       Marketing: social media, email marketing and retail marketing

·       Partnerships & Community: build relationships with community organizations, Y92, chambers of commerce, and local businesses such as Artists & Fleas.

·       KPIs: 240% Growth MoM, 38% conversion into repeat customers.



Director or Marketing & Customer Experience



Leader in Voice of the Customer programs and a proud part of Maru Group – a technology enabled professional services firm delivering information and insight.



Hired to introduce a new brand in the US customer research industry targeting Fortune 500. Responsible for designing and implementing the overall marketing strategy and digital brand marketing to drive sales.


Led the implementation of all marketing tactics for lead generation and brand awareness:

ü  Lead generation program which included building a CX Community of 100+ CX Leaders from Fortune 500 companies,

ü  Brand design with new UI/UX website redesign,

ü  Created, launched and managed all marketing programs: SEO, Adwords, emails campaigns, and social media,

ü  Organized 4 private events, and 4 speaking sponsored conferences to ensure high touch opportunities for sales,

ü  Worked closely with sales to produce compelling sales collaterals and engage customers through marketing outreach.


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